Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Announces Presidential Run CNN Fort Lauderdale Satellite Uplink Studio

Shark Tank O'Leary Still #1 copy

Our Fort Lauderdale satellite uplink studio proudly welcomed Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary to our studio set! O’Leary recently announced and confirmed on CNN’s Don Lemon’s show his intention to run in Canada’s next presidential election. He would be running as the leader for Canada’s conservative party.

He made a direct challenge to current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the interview at our studio. O’Leary believes his native Canada is heading in the wrong direction economically and that the country needs a business minded leader to bring it back to prosperity.

Don Lemon focused on the parallels of both O’Leary and Donald Trump being successful businessman, with Trump inaugurated as our nation’s 45th president. While O’Leary acknowledged that both he and Trump are successful businessmen and reality television celebrities, he differentiated himself by speaking about his immigrant roots. O’Leary, a Canadian immigrant who is half Lebanese and half Irish, seemed to dismiss Trump’s idea of national border walls (as Trump has proposed between the United States and Mexico) and instead described Canada as an “inclusive” country, very reliant on it’s immigrant population and workforce. O’Leary says counties globally want business minded folks who have “executional experience” to run their countries and are not drawn to the traditional politicians of the past.


LIVE FROM FSS Platform Fort Lauderdale Video Production Studio


This video explains what the “LIVE FROM FSS” platform is all about. LIVE FROM FSS is a new online show we are broadcasting weekly on Facebook.  The show provides a “platform” to those who want to host their own online show. Maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming the next big star and hosting your own network news, sports, or entertainment show? But unless you are incredibly lucky or rich and famous, the chances of landing that dream job, are slim to none.  That’s where LIVE FROM FSS comes into the mix. We provide you that platform.  A professional, yet affordable solution.  A turnkey studio complete with all the bells and whistles you see everyday on television:   multiple camera angles, on set guests, remote Skype interviews, graphics, titles and much, much more!

Now, you may be asking, “Why should I pay for a Facebook Live production when I can do this for free on my iPhone?” I’ll respond to you by saying, “Yes you can do Facebook Live and YouTube live videos for free.” But if you’re trying to produce, a professional show, you want your audience to tune in and stay engaged. And if they see a video that was filmed with a selfie stick and smartphone that is shaky and tough to watch, that’s a sure way to lose your viewers. Not to mention inaudible audio that sounds like you’re in a fishbowl or tunnel!

Our studio has professional studio lighting, all sets are fully soundproofed, equipped with broadcast HD cameras, professional lavalier microphones, external monitors for video playback, and a green screen set that can be replaced with any image you want as your background… still photographs, video loops and even virtual sets.  The studio  set used in this video is from Virtualsetworks.    We keyed out our green screen background and replaced it with this sharp looking studio that comes complete with sixteen different camera angles!  The sets are layered Photoshop files that you can adjust, tweak, and modify.   All of their studio sets can be adjusted to your liking and you can, like we did, add your own  logo and graphics to fully brand your company!

This is a five minute excerpt video from our “LIVE FROM FSS” debut show on Facebook Live.