Evander Holyfield Remembering Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Fort Lauderdale Satellite Uplink Studio

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Our South Florida satellite, uplink broadcast studio covered the death of iconic, legendary boxing heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali. We were honored to welcome another former heavyweight champion and close friend of Ali’s, Evander Holyfield, to our studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale!

Evander spent several days at our studio, as all the network news stations requested him to be live on the set during what turned out to be a week long tribute to Muhammad Ali.  Included in this blog post, is the video clip from our studio’s remote liveshot with Evander on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.  It was honor meeting and getting to know Evander Holyfield as he shared some of his personal stories of growing up, his family and also gave us insight into his professional career as one of the greatest boxers of all time!

Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74, after a lengthy 32 year battle with Parkinson’s Disease.  Ali is considered by many as the greatest boxing champion of all time. He is also widely regarded as one of the most influential and prominent celebrated sports figures and celebrities in history.

Although Ali will be remembered as arguably the “greatest” boxing champion of all time, he also was a very involved and active in the arena of politics and religion. He was an anti-establishment man who refused to serve in the Vietnam War because of his strong religious and political beliefs. Ali, converted to Islam during his younger years as a heavyweight boxing champion. Even before hsi passing, with his health in a declining spiral, he did not shy away form voicing his political opinions and opposition to issues and laws he strongly opposed. He criticized then candidate Trump, when the President proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States. Ai focused on Islam being a peaceful religion, and was very critical of those who used the religion to promote their own agendas.


LIVE FROM FSS 04-27-17 Tim Canova South Florida Video Production Studio Facebook Live

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FSS welcomed Tim Canova, a university law professor and activist, who took the political world by storm last year when he announced his candidacy to run for a House seat in Congress!

A progressive Democrat with a passion for supporting and preserving American jobs from moving overseas, reforming a broken financial campaign system, and saving the environment (among other issues), Canova, sought to shake up the status quo of politics. He set his sights high, challenging the incumbent Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who also happened to be the Chairperson of the Democratic Party. No easy task, considering his opponent’s status as the DNC Chair, who happened to have more available resources in her campaign chest and the backing of the party’s establishment, including Secretary Clinton, VP Joe Biden and even the POTUS himself!

Canova, a relative newcomer to the political scene, made it his mission to speak out against corporate greed and to fight for the issues he strongly believed in…all without accepting any PAC money. Rather, his campaign accepted only small donations from individuals and raised more than 200,000 individual contributions averaging about $22/donation. This was a recording breaking amount of contributions in congressional campaign history!

“Canova used the New Deal slogan “Progress For All” to contrast his progressive agenda to the trickle down approach of corporate-dominated Democrats and Republicans.” Progress For All is a grassroots organization that focuses on reforming social security, advocates “fair” living wages for American workers, a cleaner environment, affordable education and healthcare among a host of other issues.


Florida Sun Studios is a home to politicians from both sides of the aisle. FSS is a non-partisan, neutral player in the world of American Politics. We provide a platform for our guests to voice their opinions, advocate their causes and freely engage in conversation and debate with others of differing viewpoints and ideology. That’s what the “LIVE FROM FSS” platform is all about…extending the stage to all those who want to get their message out there, promote their brand and business and/or HOST THEIR OWN SHOW!
You can watch the entire broadcast on our Florida Sun Studios Facebook Page. Join the conversation by sending us your questions and comments. We encourage you to “share” the broadcast, hit the “like” button and show FSS some Facebook Love!
“LIVE FROM FSS” is the PROFESSIONAL PLATFORM to get your message out there, promote your brand, grow your business and become the host of your own Facebook Live/YouTube Live Show!


LIVE FROM FSS Platform Fort Lauderdale Video Production Studio


This video explains what the “LIVE FROM FSS” platform is all about. LIVE FROM FSS is a new online show we are broadcasting weekly on Facebook.  The show provides a “platform” to those who want to host their own online show. Maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming the next big star and hosting your own network news, sports, or entertainment show? But unless you are incredibly lucky or rich and famous, the chances of landing that dream job, are slim to none.  That’s where LIVE FROM FSS comes into the mix. We provide you that platform.  A professional, yet affordable solution.  A turnkey studio complete with all the bells and whistles you see everyday on television:   multiple camera angles, on set guests, remote Skype interviews, graphics, titles and much, much more!

Now, you may be asking, “Why should I pay for a Facebook Live production when I can do this for free on my iPhone?” I’ll respond to you by saying, “Yes you can do Facebook Live and YouTube live videos for free.” But if you’re trying to produce, a professional show, you want your audience to tune in and stay engaged. And if they see a video that was filmed with a selfie stick and smartphone that is shaky and tough to watch, that’s a sure way to lose your viewers. Not to mention inaudible audio that sounds like you’re in a fishbowl or tunnel!

Our studio has professional studio lighting, all sets are fully soundproofed, equipped with broadcast HD cameras, professional lavalier microphones, external monitors for video playback, and a green screen set that can be replaced with any image you want as your background… still photographs, video loops and even virtual sets.  The studio  set used in this video is from Virtualsetworks.    We keyed out our green screen background and replaced it with this sharp looking studio that comes complete with sixteen different camera angles!  The sets are layered Photoshop files that you can adjust, tweak, and modify.   All of their studio sets can be adjusted to your liking and you can, like we did, add your own  logo and graphics to fully brand your company!

This is a five minute excerpt video from our “LIVE FROM FSS” debut show on Facebook Live.


Fort Lauderdale Video Production Studio Adds Tricaster Skype Talk Show

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Our South Florida video production studio is now offering our clients (both the network news stations and small businesses we serve ) the ability to produce live and taped broadcasts, adding into the mix, a device that takes a standard Skype call and tweak audio and video settings to more resemble a professional studio liveshot.   The device, Newtek’s Talk Show, is a professional studio grade hardware that gives the studio control over a Skype call’s specific video and and audio settings such as:  adjusting the video resolution with automatic aspect ratio conversions  (so an image is not “squeezed” or “stretched”),  ability to connect to HD/SDI camera switchers (such as a Tricaster), balanced audio controls, manage multiple Skype calls by adding additional Talk Show units, built in video quality checks and access to the more than 300 million folks who have a Skype account!

The “bread and butter” of our state of the art South Florida HD Studio has always been servicing the network news stations (like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, CNBC, etc)  for remote guest liveshots.  Last year we expanded our studio, building out an entire green screen studio set and adding a 460 Tricaster  with Control Surface and separate control room.  The expansion transformed our liveshot studio (which had two studio sets at the time) into a full broadcast production studio (with three sets).  We added additional  services  including:  green screen video production, producing live sports broadcasts, live and taped internet shows, commercials, PSA’s, corporate video production, and anything that could be filmed against a green screen!   Our goal was to provide the same broadcast quality production that our network news/sports clients expect of us and extend our services to small businesses and individuals alike.  Those in the business of television broadcast news/sports production  know how expensive  professional video production can be!  On one side you’ve got all the vital staff needed for a given video production: camera operators, sound technicians, lighting and grip folks, producers, directors, production assistants, teleprompter operators, makeup artists, etc.  Then you add to that all the equipment needed:  cameras, lighting, audio gear, camera switchers, computers, hardware encoders and decoders for fiber transmission, teleprompter, etc.  Once you add up all the costs, it can become quite prohibitive for a small business or individual looking to produce a professional internet show or commercial!   Our solution to make professional video production more affordable to small businesses and individuals (who don’t have the budget of say Fox News or CNN) was to streamline  our in studio productions into what has become known as “LIVE FROM FSS!”  The commercial video we had produced below highlights and explains how Florida Sun Studios has brought broadcast quality production to the public we serve as our clients go “LIVE FROM FSS!”


Fort Lauderdale Video Production Green Screen Orlando Police Beating

CNN New Day Still 06-11-15

Our South Florida video production studio is covering the story of a man who was beaten by Orlando Police, following a domestic dispute he had with a girlfriend.  The alleged victim, Noel Carter, and his attorney, Patrick Lawlor, a civil trial lawyer and sports agent,  were our studio guests live on CNN’s New Day show earlier this morning telling their version of the events that transpired outside a downtown Orlando nightclub.  Video has surfaced showing  Mr. Carter being repeatedly kicked by police as he sat down on a sidewalk outside the nightclub.  Police say the video only shows part of the story,  that Mr. Carter was the aggressor and intoxicated and resisted arrest.  Noel strongly denies those claims and any allegation that he had any physical contact whatsoever with his girlfriend.  Noel says the two were engaged in a “public disagreement” and that it was the police who actually escalated the situation to the point where he was beaten and tased for no reason.  In fact, Mr. Carter says he feared for his life and ran away from the police with his hands up in the air, signaling to them he was being submissive.

Noel says he was invited by his female companion to attend dinner and a concert in Orlando.   He says he drank a few drinks at dinner (as one would enjoy some drinks in a casual and social setting) and that he was not intoxicated at all.  Noel points to his girlfriend’s police statement that she does not mention any physical contact or abuse by him.  He further states that it wasn’t until police arrived that she began to cry and that the police, instead of diffusing the situation, made it worse.

Noel and his attorney attorney are pursuing criminal charges against the officers.