Florida Prisoners Walk Out of Jail on FOX Business Channel Attorney Liveshot Fort Lauderdale, Florida

FOX News Business Channel “liveshot” with criminal defense attorney Regina Tsombanakis at Florida Sun Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On the court docket, FOX Business anchor Gerri Willis discusses with Tsombanakis the story of two Florida prisoners convicted of murder who walked right out of prison by forging fake documents.  The Orange County sheriif’s office says that inmate Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker were both released from the Franklin Correctional Institute because of the forged documents.  Interesting to note, Judge Belvin Perry, the judge who presided over the Casey Anthony trial, his signature is on the forged documents.   A massive manhunt, led by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Department of Corrections, is underway to find these two convicts.


Attorneys Discuss Cyber Bullying Death of 12 Year Old Girl on FOX News in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Regina Tsombanakis of the law firm Berman & Tsombanakis on FOX News today at Florida Sun Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She discusses the case on FOX News with former prosecutor Dan Schorr. The case is about Rebecca Sedwick, a 12 year old girl who took her own life (committing suicide) after being bullied by two other girls ages 12 and 14. The Sheriff in Polk County, Florida, accuses the two girls of “maliciously harassing” Sedwick both verbally and physically. Both girls were taken into custody at a juvenile detention center this week and later released to their parents and are under house arrest. Both girls were charged with aggravated stalking, a third degree felony. At issue also is whether or not the parents of the two girls charged can be charged with “contributing to the dependency or delinquency” of a child if the parents knowingly allowed the girl to post the “bullying comments” online.


Playboy Pose Gets Minnesota Woman Fired Discussed Live on Fox News Fort Lauderdale, Florida

FOX News Live remote television “liveshot” at Florida Sun Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our guest, criminal defense attorney, Phil Snyder discusses the case of a woman fired from her job for posing for Playboy Magazine.  The segment aired on FOX News Channel’s show “Happening Now”  hosted by Jenna Lee.     Jessica Zelinske,  a  33 year old Minnesota mom,was featured on the cover of Playboy’s “Hot Housewives” issue last year. She is filing suit against her former employer, Charter Communications based in Connecticut.  Zelinske is suing her former employer for $150,000. She earned a reported $18,000 a year working as an advertising executive.  According to  “Corrective Action Report,” Zelinske was informed she was fired for violating the company’s “standards of common decency.”   Minnesota is an “employment at will” state meaning at will employees can be fired for any reason except for reasons based on race, religion, gender, sex or age.


Bloomberg TV Liveshot Fort Lauderdale 09/11/13

Florida Sun Studios welcomes Bloomberg TV to our Fort Lauderdale Remote TV Studio.  Our guest this morning was Bob Stewart, Chief Product Officer at Sonavation.   Mr. Stewart discusses the history of Sonavation and also the future of fingerprint sensors and the market for biometric technology.  This interview with Bloomberg TV follows the announcement of Apple introducing  its latest iphone that has a  fingerprint scanning feature built into the new phone.  Mr. Stewart gives an in depth look of what  Sonavation is doing in the field of fingerprint biometric sensors.



Florida Sun Studios New Remote TV Liveshot Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The all new Florida Sun Studios located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has officially opened it’s doors for business!  The remote flash “liveshot” television  studio services all major network television broadcast stations (CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ESPN, Al Jazeera to name a few).  The South Florida studio is equipped with two state of the art liveshot sets that transmit video via high speed fiber connectivity on LTN Global’s Communications Network.  The studio broadcasts in full High Definition (1080p, 1080i and 720p) as well as standard definition, thus catering to all our clients’ varying format/resolution needs.  Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Fort lauderdale, Florida Sun Studios is within walking distance of the Broward County Courthouse, many of the area’s local businesses, minutes from the beaches, I-95 expressway and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International airport.  The studio is located on the corner of Las Olas Ave and Andrews Ave at the historic 1 River Plaza Building, which sits on top of the New Riverfront in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to the studios two liveshot sets, Florida Sun Studios also offers its clients Satellite Media Tours, ENG camera crews, DSLR cinematographers for documentary and cinematic film production as well as non linear editing services and camera/tape playback connectivity to ‘feed” material back to television stations.

Florida Sun Studios is the premier remote liveshot television studio providing continuous 24/7 live news coverage!