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Presenting on camera can be a powerful way to connect with an audience. When a presenter’s message resonates with his/her viewers, the experience is incredibly rewarding. But it doesn’t always work that way, does it? For many of us, speaking on camera is stressful and nerve- racking.

It’s true that a live television interview will humble the most skilled, confident and passionate speaker, especially during a remote television interview when the anchor is in one studio and the guest is in another. The mere thought of a national audience sitting on the other side of the lens can quickly get the heart racing and the palms sweating. Whether the speaker is a smooth- talking attorney who typically captures a jury’s attention, a surgeon used to performing life- saving operations under pressure, or a successful author whose occupation is words – the live television “bug” can hit us all!

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I’m Scott Wolfson, owner of Florida Sun Studios, an independent broadcast television and video production studio located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I’ve filmed thousands of live television interviews in my career, and I fully understand how daunting the experience can be. We specialize in remote uplink interviews – where the studio guest cannot see behind the lens of the camera they’re staring into. I’m here to guide and coach you so you can confidently hit your interview out of the park!

Prior to founding FSS in 2013, I spent 17 years in a media career, first as a news journalist for CNN and then later as a freelance producer/photojournalist servicing a variety of corporate clients. During my journey, I met countless individuals who were looking for advice and support when speaking on camera. I realized my passion for helping others could be put to good use in the shape of a thriving business. Instead of creating a traditional video production studio that limits itself to the typical corporate videos, commercials, media training, satellite media tours, green screen production, etc., I was determined to offer more – unmatched customer service and a unique client experience, and thus, FSS was born.

Today, I see my studio as a connected space, where clients feel nurtured and inspired. It is what sets FSS apart. But don’t take my word for it; come see for yourself.



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FSS is a 5-star outfit: Having “cut his (technical) teeth” at CNN, Owner Scott Wolfson is not only a seasoned pro, but he holds a secret weapon — he treats you like family! Going live before an unblinking camera lens can be scary indeed, but Scott’s personal touch leaves you with the confidence to set aside ego, be yourself, and charge ahead with your message.

Captain Jay Rollins, Former American Airlines Pilot/Aviation Expert & Network News Contributor

Scott Wolfson is the ultimate professional and goes above and beyond to deliver quality results. I highly recommend Florida Sun Studios!

Jack Seiler, Fort Lauderdale Mayor

Florida Sun Studios is like no other in South Florida … it’s the best of the best run by one of the best people you’ll ever meet! Scott Wolfson built FSS from scratch and made it into an industry leader as a television news production studio. He’s known throughout the televisions news business for his professionalism, knowledge, reliability and excellent service. Each guest is treated like family the moment he or she walks through the door.  Scott goes out of his way to deliver the best product possible and that’s why FSS is called upon over and over again by all of the television news networks for their studio live shot requests. There’s nobody else like Scott and Florida Sun Studios … he’s the best of the best!!

Mike Miller, Network News Photojournalist/Editor

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