What’s All The Stress About?!

Presenting on camera is a powerful way to connect to your audience.  It can be a most rewarding experience when your message resonates with your viewers.  But, speaking on camera, can also be one of the most stressful and nerve racking experiences… especially if you’re new to or never had this experience.


LIVE Television…You’re On the Air!

Let’s take for example a live television interview.  Live television interviews have a way of humbling even the most skilled, confident and passionate of people.  Especially those who’ve never looked into that lens of a camera, where, on the other side, sits a national audience watching and listening to every word that is spoken. It doesn’t matter who you are or what profession you’re in.   Everyone, from the persuasive, smooth talking attorney who captivates a jury’s attention with every piece of evidence he presents, to the surgeon performing life saving surgeries, to the successful author who’s latest book just hit the NY Times Best Seller list.   The live television “bug” conquers all!

Let me set the scene: Today is the day that you’ve prepared long and hard for.  You’re booked as a live studio guest for a major network television show to provide expert analysis on a breaking news story.  You’re the expert, the authority in your field, the person that all your peers and colleagues look to as a leading voice of reason.  But it’s  also the very first time you’ve ever been interviewed by a journalist, let alone a live interview where thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of viewers will be tuning in to watch!  A quick 3-4 minute interview that can either make or break you!  No pressure at all!

The Anticipation Builds Up!

As you arrive to the studio for your live interview, your heart pounds, sweat drips from your eyebrow,  and your hands feel weak as you knock on the studio door.  You’re greeted and taken to the green room, that part of the studio where the guests prepare, relax, and detox their minds.  You can’t relax.  You’re just too nervous, excited and anxious of what lies ahead of you!

It’s now 10 minutes before your interview and you are escorted to the studio set where you’ll be live on the air.  You sit in the studio chair and the technician places a lavalier microphone on your jacket and an earpiece in your ear so you can hear the anchor interviewing you.  As you get comfortable in your chair, you look up and stare at the big, bright studio lights that blind you for a moment!



You shake off that startling moment, trying to keep focused on what you will say and how you will say it.  You’ve spent the entire evening before going to bed, preparing, practicing and agonizing over this interview. Your nerves are racing as you feel the goose pimples form, the sweat under your arms and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!  The show’s director talks into your earpiece, checks you in to their system, and tells you that your segment is coming up next after the break!  Now, your mind draws a complete blank and you can’t believe this is happening for real! You think to yourself “what am I going to say and how will I survive this interview?!


Hi, I’m Scott Wolfson, the owner of Florida Sun Studios, an independent broadcast television and video production studio located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Having filmed thousands of live television interviews in my career, I understand the nerve racking pressure you are feeling right now.  And I’m here to provide that guidance and coaching for you to confidently succeed in hitting this interview out of the ballpark!

Prior to opening FSS in 2013, I spent my career working as a news journalist for CNN (starting back in 1996) and later as a freelance producer/photojournalist servicing a variety of corporate clients.  The spark that lit my entrepreneurial fire (to venture on my own and) to build my own studio, is rooted in my passion of serving others.

Throughout my many experiences covering news stories, it dawned on me that many of the people I met, were yearning for a place they could call their HOME AWAY FROM HOME.  They wanted someone who would listen, advise and nurture them during their most vulnerable and intimate of moments, such as staring into the lens of a camera during a live television interview.

So, I put a business plan into action and built a studio with the objective of being more than just a traditional  “brick and mortar” video production studio.  FSS would offer corporate videos, commercials, media training, satellite media tours, green screen production, etc.  But, I knew that equally, if not more important, was for my prospective clients to feel a personal connection to the studio.   I wanted them to know our studio was there to support, coach and guide them in every step of their journey.  My goal was to offer each and every client a first class “experience”  that they couldn’t and wouldn’t find anywhere else…all “LIVE FROM FSS!”

And so begins the story of Florida Sun Studios…




FSS is a 5-star outfit: Having “cut his (technical) teeth” at CNN, Owner Scott Wolfson is not only a seasoned pro, but he holds a secret weapon — he treats you like family! Going live before an unblinking camera lens can be scary indeed, but Scott’s personal touch leaves you with the confidence to set aside ego, be yourself, and charge ahead with your message.

Captain Jay Rollins, Former American Airlines Pilot/Aviation Expert & Network News Contributor


Scott Wolfson is the ultimate professional and goes above and beyond to deliver quality results. I highly recommend Florida Sun Studios!

Jack Seiler, Fort Lauderdale Mayor


Florida Sun Studios is like no other in South Florida … it’s the best of the best run by one of the best people you’ll ever meet! Scott Wolfson built FSS from scratch and made it into an industry leader as a television news production studio. He’s known throughout the televisions news business for his professionalism, knowledge, reliability and excellent service. Each guest is treated like family the moment he or she walks through the door.  Scott goes out of his way to deliver the best product possible and that’s why FSS is called upon over and over again by all of the television news networks for their studio live shot requests. There’s nobody else like Scott and Florida Sun Studios … he’s the best of the best!!

Mike Miller, Network News Photojournalist/Editor

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