South Florida Video Production Studio CNN Terry Savage Fort Lauderdale Remote Liveshot

CNN Terry Savage 12-26-14 Still

South Florida Video Production Studio (servicing Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches) takes a look at consumer spending this holiday season.  We welcomed nationally syndicated columnist and personal finance author, Terry Savage, to our state of the art HD studio in beautiful, downtown Fort Lauderdale!  Terry was our studio guest on CNN’s New Day, giving her expert analysis on what sparked this season’s strong numbers in consumer spending.  Terry describes 2014 as the year of the markets, record high in the stock markets and low interest rates. Looking ahead to 2015, Terry predicts the upcoming year to be “the year of the consumer”  with the catalysts being lower energy prices (both at the pump and with home heating bills).  Terry Savage is the author of several financial books, including “The Savage Truth on Money.”



Fort Lauderdale Remote Video Production Studio Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza CNBC Fast Money Liveshot

CNBC Ben Baldanza Still 12-23-14

Our state of the art HD remote video production studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale (servicing Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Counties) is covering the busy holiday travel season.  We welcomed back HOME, Spirit Airlines CEO, Ben Baldanza, who was “LIVE FROM FSS” on CNBC’s Fast Money.  Ben spoke about the recent drop in oil prices and how that has effected the airline industry and their respective stock prices.  Spirit Airlines is expected to grow roughly 30% in 2015 and the stock is up more than 60% in 2014!

Senate Report CIA Interrogation Techniques Karl Rove Fox News O’Reilly Fort Lauderdale Remote Studio Liveshot

O'Reilly Karl Rove Still

A report just released by a Democratic led Senate Intelligence Committee details interrogation techniques the CIA used on terrorism suspects following the attacks of 9/11. The report was released despite warnings from some lawmakers that the results could put American lives at risk both at home and abroad. The report says the interrogation techniques were “brutal and far worse” than what the CIA told lawmakers. Some lawmakers went as far as equating the interrogation techniques (which include water boarding and sleep deprivation) to “torture.” CIA officials have countered the report, saying the techniques employed by the agency helped save American lives and even helped track down Usama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders. Our state of the art HD South Florida remote studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale, welcomed Fox News Analyst Karl Rove who commented on the report’s findings. Mr. Rove was live on The O’Reilly Factor and defended the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques saying the report has “deliberate intent of diminishing the CIA and further undermining the very concept of a war against terrorism.”

South Florida Remote Green Screen Video Production Baltimore Mayor MSNBC Cops on Camera Fort Lauderdale Liveshot

MSNBC Mayopr Stephanie Rawlings 12-07-14

Our state of the art remote HD studio in downtown, Fort Lauderdale, is covering the latest developments from the recent police involved shootings in Ferguson and New York. The decision of grand juries in both cases  not to indict the respective officers, have sparked outrage nationwide.  Protestors in cities across the country have taken to the streets to protest police brutality and what many believe is a criminal justice system that is inherently prejudiced against minorities.  Florida Sun Studios welcomed Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who was our studio guest live on MSNBC’s Up with Steve Kornacki.  Mayor Rawlings discussed the “hot button” issue of requiring police officers to wear body cameras when on duty.