Al Jazeera America NBA Kenny Anderson Live Fort Lauderdale TV Uplink Studio

Our South Florida remote liveshot television studio headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, welcomes former NBA all star point guard, Kenny Anderson! Kenny was our guest live on Al Jazeera America. He gave his insights on the news of Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose undergoing season ending surgery. Anderson was also asked about his take on Dallas Maverick’s Owner Mark Cuban saying the league should look into the possibility of allowing players to take human growth hormone after getting injured….to help players heal quicker. Finally, Kenny Anderson spoke about the current struggles of the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.


Dr Drew CNN HLN Eiglarsh and Judge Karen Edited Segments From Fort Lauderdale TV Studio Liveshot

Our South Florida remote uplink television studio in Fort Lauderdale welcomed back guests Mark Eiglarsh and Judge Karen Francis Mills. They were live on CNN HLN’s Dr Drew Show discussing several topics including: the latest in the George Zimmerman domestic altercation with his girlfriend, the embattled Toronto Mayor Rod Ford, and Florida Republican Congressman Trey Redel’s Bust in a cocoaine sting. The following video clip are edited segments from the show, featuring select “sound bytes” from Mark Eiglarsh and Judge Karen Francis Mills. Florida Sun Studios broadcast live in full 1080 HD!



FOX News Live With Realtor Sam DeBianchi at South Florida TV Studio in Fort Lauderdale

The housing market was the focus of discussion, following earnings reports from “home improvement retailers” Home Depot and Lowes. Both companies putting up great numbers, especially Home Depot, which beat earnings’ estimates on “The Street.” Realtor Expert Samantha DeBianchi of DeBianchi Real Estate was our studio guest at Florida Sun Studios live on FOX’s Your World w/Cavuto discussing the current housing market.