Vigilante Who Killed Rape Suspect in New York Court FOX News


David Carlson, a man who allegedly shot and killed a rape suspect due in a New York courtroom today. Fort Lauderdale attorney Brian Silber on FOX News’ Happening Now, to discuss this case live at our South Florida liveshot remote tv studio. Carlson is charged with second degree murder in the killing of 35 year old  Norris Acosta-Sanchez. Police had been searching for Acosta-Sanchez who was said to be hiding in an abandon cabin.  When police arrived at the cabin, they found the suspect had fled, and was hiding in the woods. Despite an all       out manhunt for Acosta-Sanchez, police were unable to locate him and eventually called off their search. The following morning David Carlson spotted the suspect and shot and killed him. Carlson claims he killed the      suspect in self defense.

Mistress of Utah Doctor Charged With Murdering His Wife Testifies in Court FOX News

The trial of Dr. MartinMacNeil, a Utah doctor accused of killing his wife is heating up as his mistress testifies.   Criminal defense attorney Brian Silber of Fort Lauderdale joins us in our South Florida remote liveshot tv studio in Fort Lauderdale on FOX News Show “Happening Now” The doctor is accused of drugging his wife and helping her into a bathtub where she later drowned. Last Friday, the doctor’s mistress, Gypsy Willis, testified that their relationship was both sexual and casual in nature. Also, two of MacNeil’s older daughters testified in court that they believed their father was guilty. Testimony in the trial is set to resume tomorrow.


JonBenet Ramsey Indictment Unsealed FOX News Fort Lauderdale Attorney Mark Eiglarsh

FOX News discusses latest development in the murder mystery of JonBenet Ramsey with criminal defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh live at our remote “liveshot” tv studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  A court in Colorado has ordered the release of “secret” court documents reportedly showing that a grand jury sought to charge Benet Ramsey’s parents in connection with her murder back in 1999.  According to the documents, Patricia Ramsey and her husband John Ramsey allowed JonBenet “to be unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child’s life…resulting in [her] death.”  Patricia Ramsey died in 2006 from ovarian cancer.  Both parents have maintained they are innocent and had nothing to do with JonBenet’s murder.  FOX News anchor, co-host of America’s News Headquarters Alisyn Camerota discusses the Benet Ramsey case with Mark Eiglarsh.


SUV Driver Attack Ninth Suspect Arraigned FOX News Live Fort Lauderdale Remote TV Studio

The New York Police Department arrests a ninth motorist in connection with the beating of a SUV driver in New York City back on September 29th. 40 year old James Brown was arrested and charged with first degree gang assault, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief from an attack on Alexian Lien. Brown allegedly struck Lien with his helmet and is being held on a $300,000 bond.

Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Brian Silber appeared live on FOX News to discuss this case from our liveshot tv studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In new developments, a video surfaced showing the SUV driver being dragged from his vehicle as the bikers yelled profanities at him. The video was obtained by WABC Channel 7 in New York. WABC says the video came from a witness to this SUV assault.

Lien was with his wife and 2 year old daughter celebrating the couple’s anniversary when they found themselves surrounded by the biker gang. Authorities say Lien was chased by the bikers after he bumped one of them during a biker rally. Lien claims he feared for his life after being surrounded by many of the bikers. He called 911, telling police he feared for his life and then drove off. The SUV ran over some of the bikers, critically injuring one of them. An undercover NYPD detective, Wojciech Braszczok, was one of the bikers also arrested in the assault.

The driver of the SUV has not been charged.


Utah Doctor On Trial Accused of Killing Wife FOX News Fort Lauderdale Liveshot

Case of former Utah Dr. Martin MacNeil on trial, accused of killing his wife. Criminal defense attorney Brian Silber discusses this bizarre case (from our Fort Lauderdale “liveshot” tv studio) along with Attorney Rebecca Rose Woodland on FOX News. Investigators say Dr. MacNeil helped his wife into a bathtub and drugged her, where she later may have drowned. The doctor’s defense attorneys, however, argue that the wife, Michelle MacNeil died of a heart attack while in the bathtub. The cause of death remains unknown. Investigators say that Mr. MacNeil was angry at the scene, apparently cursing his wife for having recent plastic surgery on her face.

MacNeil allegedly offered an emergency room physician $10,000 to save his wife. The emergency doctor, Scott Vanwagoner says it’s the strangest request he’s received in his medical career because he says MacNeil must have known his wife was already dead.

The trial is set to resume with testimony from police, paramedics and neighbors of the MacNeil’s. MacNeil was charged with his wife’s murder in August of 2012, nearly five years after his wife was found dead in their home. The doctor faces life in prison if the jury finds him guilty.